New Retail Development Planned for Charter Colony Area


When the economy went soft in the recent recession a number of planned developments were put on hold and some projects were cancelled due to bankruptcy and other financial problems.  Recently, some of those projects are getting put back on the docket for completion.  One that will have a major impact on the Charter Colony and the Midlothian High School area is a planned Martin’s grocery store and associated shopping center.  The location is one that had been planned for development prior to the recession, but has only recently been put back into action.  According to an article in the Richmond BizSense Newsletter, a major developer with a regional office in South Carolina is planning to break ground on the project in the coming year.  The site is located at the southwest side of the intersection of Charter Colony Parkway and the Midlothian Turnpike and will include the new Martin’s location as well as other retail stores and restaurants.

The announcement that this development site is starting back up again, along with other recent announcements (see Hallsley Becomes Focus of Development Activity) points to a renewal of the development of the Midlothian area and reinforces Team Hensley Real Estate’s position that the Midlothian real estate market is showing substantial signs of reanimation.  Homeowners and prospective homeowners should talk to one of Team Hensley’s agent to consider how this shift in the market could affect their plans.

The developer mentioned is Edens, a development company with offices up and down the Atlantic coast.  For more information about Edens see their main website, or watch a short video about their company.