Before Selling Your Richmond Home, Consider Value-Boosting Updates


If you’re thinking about selling a home in Richmond Virginia, then you might consider investing in a few updates before putting your home on the market. A few key home updates can significantly boost the value of your house, in addition to helping it sell faster.

The following are a few updates to consider:

  • More space – Knocking down a wall can actually help make your home more attractive. It’s better to have a more spacious area than two smaller, cramped areas, and more homebuyers are looking for open space rooms.
  • Invest in energy efficiency – By upgrading appliances or HVAC equipment so they are more energy efficient, you’ll make your home more eco-friendly and less expensive to operate and maintain — both huge draws to potential buyers.
  • Improve lighting – Lighting is very often overlooked in preparing a house for sale. A home that looks dark isn’t going to attract buyers. Make sure you have good lighting throughout the home by investing in better light fixtures, more windows, skylights, or anything else that will improve your lighting scheme.
  • Fixing the floors – You don’t necessarily have to replace your floors — although that can help — but at the very least you should make any necessary repairs, such as fixing broken tiles or replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with a new hardwood floor. A quick refinishing of any existing hardwood floors can make it look great, and if not a full sanding and refinishing will definitely do the job.
  • Freshen the paint – Painting walls can be the most value creating update you can make to a house for sale. Replacing bright or uncommon colors with a more neutral one is always a great idea, and freshening up the paint in areas where there may be significant wear or grime is essential.
  • Tidy the Yard – A well-manicured yard will make the first impression your house makes on a potential buyer, so keeping the yard well manicured is essential. It’s not necessary to get fancy, just basic maintenance with a well watered and freshly cut lawn will be adequate.

These are just a few of the updates to consider in an effort to improve your home’s value. For additional advice on selling a home in Virginia, be sure to contact us at Ellen Clark Team.