5 Tips to Prepare Your Richmond Home to Sell this Summer!


As the temperatures increase, something else heats up just as fast – the summer real estate selling season. Some figures place the percentage of homes sold in the summer months somewhere in the vicinity of 60%. This means it’s a great time to sell with a multitude of interested buyers ready to move before schools starts again in the fall.

We’ve put together six tips to help you get your Richmond, Virginia home in top selling shape for this summer’s bevy of interested real estate buyers.

5) Take Care of the Most Obvious Repairs

Save yourself the hassle of re-negotiating your price because of small repairs. Make sure to take care of those small little repairs before even listing the home. Especially in the illumination of the summer sun, those items will show that much more.

Allow your home to be displayed in all its glory, with its best features at the forefront. By taking care of all those niggling, small repairs, you can allow potential home buyers to focus more on the overall beauty of the home.

4) Depersonalize Your Space

Remember, it won’t be your space for long. Take the time to remove all those personal items from the home, or at least out of sight. By doing so, you create a blank slate so buyers will be able to more readily see themselves in the home.

After years in your home, you’ve no doubt accumulated a number of items that have a substantial personal value to you. This value won’t necessarily translate well when outsiders enter the home. Just because it means a lot to you doesn’t mean others will see it the same way.

3) Declutter, Declutter, Decluttercolorful throw pillows

While you remove those personal items, take a look at decluttering your interior space as you go. Try to see your home as an outsider would. You’ve been in your home for a while, and there are likely numerous signs of you being there that long. Humans tend to accumulate personal items; it’s just what we do.

But this can disrupt the way you present your home to the public. Clean, uncluttered spaces can make each room seem that much bigger, and more inviting.

2) Curb Appeal has never been so important

Summer is a great opportunity to make your home really pop, from the moment the potential buyer pulls up in their car. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so make it count!

Try planting some beautiful seasonal flowers by the front door. Also, take a bit of time to make sure exterior surfaces look clean, and even throw on a fresh coat of paint. This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking; it could be as simple as keeping your lawn trimmed and green. A number of small improvements can have a huge impact.

1) Decorate for the Season

The summer is a vibrant and colorful time of year, and your home’s interior and exterior décor should reflect this. Introduce some bright accents in the form of throw pillows and blankets. For outside, bring out the patio furniture and ensure the outdoor space is just as livable as the inside.

Also, let the sun fully illuminate your home. Open drapes and curtains, and open sliding doors if the weather permits. Everything looks better in natural light, and you want to present your home in the best way possible. Plus by keeping outside doors open, you can do a lot to regulate the inside temperature and allow plenty of fresh air to circulate within your home.

Be sure to check back often to learn all the latest tips and tricks for mastering the local real estate market. If you’d like help selling your Richmond, VA home, please don’t hesitate to contact Clark Team Properties online or call 804-387-2976.