3 Tips for Selling Your Home During The Winter Season


Most people avoid selling their homes during the winter season, but you may not have any choice in the matter.  If you need to sell your home during the winter here are three tips to help your sale go smoothly.

1.  Keep It Clean – Keeping the home free of tracked-in mud, snow and other debris is even tougher in the winter months, and arguably even more important.  Vacuum well and often.  Don’t neglect the outside.  Bare trees may show areas of your home that are usually hidden; make sure these areas are clean and presentable.  Deal with any maintenance issues such as leaf-filled gutters.  Keep your yard raked free of leaves to the extent possible and keep your driveway, sidewalk, and front steps free of snow.

2.  Price It Right –  Call a real estate agent that can help you with staging and price.

3.  Keep It Cozy – If you live in a cold climate, spend the extra bucks to keep the heat up to a comfortable level.  Make sure the house is well lit to counteract the potentially drab feeling of winter.  If your home makes you feel warm and comfortable when you walk in the door, others are likely to feel the same way.